The Ripples Hill Community is located on Farnhams Way off the Beech Hill Road in Somesville, Maine within the town of Mount Desert. Homeowners are employed at businesses and institutions on MDI. Children attend the Mount Desert Elementary School and MDI High School.

Ripples Hill subdivision is zoned for 19 homes. Phase I comprising of 6 homes was completed in 2011. Three additional houses completed Phase II in 2017. Phase III could eventually result in the construction of an additional 10 homes. Ripples Hill Subdivision Plan.

Ripples Hill homes are based on architect John Gordon’s award winning design and may be customized to the homeowners preferences. Stick-built with three-quarter basement, Ripples homes are well insulated and constructed using materials that meet the Maine State Housing Authority’s Green Building Standards. Construction generally takes no more than nine months from design stage to occupancy.

Ripples homeowners retain IHT as a steward for the entirety of their homeownership. Through the idea of intentionally creating community within a community, Ripples contributes to the preservation of the year-round population which in turn increases the vibrancy of MDI.

Further, those purchasing houses at Ripples Hill must adhere to affordability covenants that limit the equity a homeowner may accrue and keep the houses affordable over time to individuals and families of similar income.

For an explanation of long-term affordability and to learn more about IHT's resale formula and covenants click here

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The Sabah Woods development is located in Bar Harbor, just off Route 3. Four modular homes have been completed by a private developer and were offered for sale to qualified working individuals or families. IHT qualified the applicants and holds the affordability covenants on the properties. 

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